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Our sole focus is on Mandarin education. With more than 20 years of experience, we are the best-in-class in providing Chinese tuition and enrichment. Our students are always the core priority and we strive to offer each and every one of them a holistic, engaging and successful journey in mastering the Chinese language.



Our Publications


Our educators have extensive experiences working with renowned publishing houses to craft assessment books, hence our proprietary learning materials are always ahead of the increasingly challenging and dynamic academic syllabus.


Our Performance


Since 1997, we have helped more than 2500 students achieve stellar results. On average, 82% of our students score A in school and national examinations. 100% of our students who scored C and below previously showed at least 1 grade improvement. 

​自1997年以来, 2500多名学生在我们的教导之下取得出色的成绩。平均而言,82%的学生在学校和全国考试中得分为A。

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World Class Education

Testimonials verified by Google & Facebook Reviews

The daughters of one of my siblings have excellent academic achievements including their Chinese language subject. That was how I found out about 林老师. It has been a few years since I put my kids under her Chinese tuition class. It was an easy decision and one of the best decisions that I made on my kids' education. I would strongly recommend 林老师 to parents who are looking for a good Chinese tuition teacher for their kids.

Danny Kong

林老师 has helped improved my higher chinese results from a C6 to A2 for o’s. her notes were very helpful and her lessons were always very interesting!!

Rachel Lee

林老师 has helped me improve my chinese over the years. I was failing all my papers before I started taking lessons with her but she has helped me improve my skills to pass.

Eliora Pazia Alberta

I’ve been her student for 3 years and my chinese has improved by leaps and bounds. I went from barely passing my chinese papers to scoring A and A*.

Evan Justin Suki


Carol Zhang

Conducive environment with friendly approachable teachers, look forward to class every week

Rico Sc

Our Pedagogy


We focus on strengthening fundamental knowledge and enhancing critical-thinking skills to ensure our students can confidently tackle examination questions as well as integrate Mandarin as part and parcel of their daily lives.


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