Our History


Yanzi Mandarin Education is founded by Mdm Lin Xiao Yan, Director of the International Chinese Educator Association (ICEA) and an educational consultant with over 30 years of experience. Together with her carefully selected team of passionate and talented teachers, Yanzi Mandarin Education provides the best-in-class Chinese education.


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Inspiring Excellence


 We do more than just educating our students, we inspire excellence in their pursuits and push them to win against fierce competition. All of our students excel beyond the national average and more than 80% of them go on to achieve distinction.


Expert Insights


Our teachers are masters at their craft. With deep experience setting examination questions and publishing assessment books, they know the academic syllabus inside out and understand what is needed to succeed.


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International Experience


Our teachers possess the experience structuring courses across Greater Asia (Mainland China, Hong Kong SAR, Taiwan, Malaysia) and Singapore, bringing the global perspective into their teaching.


Our Testimonials

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林老师 has helped improved my higher chinese results from a C6 to A2 for o’s. her notes were very helpful and her lessons were always very interesting!!

Rachel Lee

 It has been a few years since I put my kids under her Chinese tuition class. It was an easy decision and one of the best decisions that I made on my kids' education. I would strongly recommend 林老师 to parents who are looking for a good Chinese tuition teacher for their kids.

Danny Kong

I’ve been her student for 3 years and my chinese has improved by leaps and bounds. I went from barely passing my chinese papers to scoring A and A*.

Evan Justin Suki

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